5 Reasons Why Factory Built Homes Are Better Than Site Built Homes

1. Quality Construction: Factory Built Homes are built in a factory environment, carefully inspected by third party inspectors, and transported to their final location upon completion. They adhere to strict state or federal construction standards as they progress on the assembly line. Using the same building materials as site built homes, combined with precision factory craftsmanship, this combination assures top quality construction.

2. Energy Efficiency: Factory Built Homes have some of the most stringent energy standards available. Most homes can be ordered with the Energy Star ® Efficiency Standards.

3. Affordability: Factory Built Homes have typically been 10% to 35% more cost effective than site built homes. The more rural the installation, the greater the cost benefit. Because our Factory Builders order building materials in large quantities, they are able to negotiate substantial savings on many components, with these savings passed directly to the customer.

4. Quicker Delivery: A new Factory Built Home, due to being built in a controlled environment, can be delivered and installed on your homesite in weeks rather than months. The entire process can be coordinated by your Retailer with no need to go through the sometimes long and painful process of finding, employing, negotiating with, and managing contractors.

5. More Features for your Money: Factory Built Homes have been undergoing so much evolution and technological advances it’s become difficult to tell the difference between Factory Built and Site Built. The diversity of exterior designs, interior features, state of the art appliances, and hundreds of floor plans to choose from, means that you will find the right home.