If you are considering the purchase of a manufactured home or modular home in Arizona, your real estate agent may refer to these types of homes interchangeably. They are, however, very different.

Modular homes (also referred to as Factory Built Buildings (FBB’s) in Arizona are built to the International Residential Code (IRC), which is the same building code as site-built homes. This offers both advantages as well as disadvantages.

One big advantage for modulars would be that more sites are available because of zoning. The city of Mesa,  for example, allows modular homes throughout all their residential zones, including zones for manufactured homes. This same city restricts manufactured homes to MH zones only. On the flip side, because each state adopts differing IRC codes, it is almost impossible to build a modular in one state and ship it to another. This lessens that amount of competition for modular homes and increases the cost. On average, modular homes cost 15 to 20% more than manufactured homes. While differing building codes, it is difficult to decipher between the two building types as both the interior and exterior appearance are not easily discernible.

Manufactured homes are built to a Federal Building Code (HUD code), which allows these homes to be transported and installed between neighboring states. A consumer can shop for manufactured homes freely and gain competitive pricing.

Whether it’s modular or manufactured, both are constructed in a factory environment and eventually moved to a home site. Both types of homes are quality built with high grade building materials. State and federal inspectors are present for much of the building process in the manufacturing facilities and also perform thorough inspections of the installation at the home site. Virtually all modular homes are installed on permanent foundations on private property. Manufactured homes may or may not require a permanent foundation and are either placed on private property or land lease communities. Throughout Arizona are many 55+ or family communities available.

As each of our Arizona manufacturers offer both products, additional information would be available from them via our website, www.azhousing.org.