Strategic Viision Hero
Join us in advancing our industry through
Career Opportunities,
Positive Image Promotion
Community Engagement.
01 Workforce
02 Image
03 Advocacy
04 Membership
Strategic Goals Overview
Our Strategic Vision

At the MHIA, we are dedicated to advancing our industry and enhancing the lives of our members.

Our strategic vision focuses on four key areas: Workforce Development, to lead in providing career opportunities and professional growth; Image Enhancement, to consistently promote the positive impacts of our industry and products; Advocacy, to amplify our influence through proactive engagement with policymakers; and Membership Engagement, to demonstrate the tangible benefits of joining our community. By fostering a network of opportunities, launching dynamic marketing strategies, strengthening our advocacy efforts, and revitalizing our community interactions, MHIA is paving the way for a thriving future in manufactured housing.

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