Home Exhibit Program

July 15, 2019

In the absence of larger industry home shows, this program allows our retailers and manufacturers some exposure to specific markets for our homes. The individual grants would necessitate strict compliance with guidelines established by a committee of 8 members.  All grant requests must be received in writing to MHIA on/or after July 15th, 2019 and will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

  • Requests must include Name of venue, i.e. (“Pima County Fair”), (Phoenix Home and Garden Show”), etc.
  • Show Location
  • Dates of show from opening to closing date.
  • Exhibit plan including home size and manufacturer.
  • Contract cost for venue.  (Provide copy of proposed contract).


A. Both retailer and manufacturer must be a member of MHIA.
B. Retailer must agree to distribute MHIA literature if requested. 
C. Venue location must be in Arizona.
D. Retailer to submit a staffing plan for the dates of the venue.


A. The venue must be pre approved by committee.  A model display in a community or retailer sales center does not qualify for grant.
B. A specific contract for the venue must be provided before funds are distributed to retailer/manufacturer.
C. The maximum grant amount shall not exceed $10,000 per venue.


A. New manufactured homes. for which manufacturer has paid dues.
B. New factory built homes for which manufacturer has paid dues.


A. For multiple section manufactured homes or factory built homes – $10,000.
B. For single section manufactured homes – $5,000
C. Grant disbursement may be divided between both retailer and manufacturer in the event manufacturer is paying for the venue fee.


Reimbursement will be made after the following items are provided. To comply with audits, MHIA cannot make payment until we receive the following:

A. A signed copy of the contract for exhibit space.
B. An exterior photograph of the finished home in place.
C. Receipts detailing exhibit expenses up to the grant amount.  Eligible expenses include freight to the venue, set-up and take down, venue cost, furnishing the home, drywall, cleaning, carpet installation, permits, specific advertising, and other direct related expenses.


A. The committee will make every attempt to balance the grants between factory stores and independent retailers as well as geographic parts of the State.
B. Any unused funds considered in this budget can be withdrawn at any time by the MHIA Board of Directors.

Home Exhibit Committee:

Those on the Home Exhibit committee include the following:   Norman Ball, David Roe, Jr., Sam Baird, Nick Taylor, Gary Wilson, Keith Paplham, Michael Young and Joshua Christian.