Home Buying Guide

Taking the Next Step in Buying your Factory-Built Home

In order to achieve ownership of a factory-built home, it is advised that you first establish a realistic idea of how much you can afford to spend on a home. You should write down clear and specific goals you have for your home, and consider what is critical and what is optional for you. Consider all actual and possible costs of homeownership, including land lease or purchase, mortgage, insurance, taxes and maintenance. With help from MHIA and our constituent members, you will be able to make sound decisions throughout the process.

What happens after you have purchased and financed your new factory-built home? 

Once everything is finalized, the next steps are the construction of your home and its delivery and installation. You’ll need to make sure the land you’ve purchased or leased is ready for the installation of your home before it is delivered from the factory. This means laying the foundation and connecting utilities such as water, gas, sewage and electricity. Once your new home is delivered for installation, all that is left is the finish work and the final inspection. The finish work includes hooking up your utilities, landscaping, and installations such as HVAC, carpet, and roof shingles. After the finishing touches are set, your retailer or manufacturer’s representative should walk through your new home and conduct the proper inspections. Your retailer should also give you information on who to contact for future maintenance on your home and how to make a warranty claim. You should receive a HUD home-owner’s manual that will be your guide to properly caring for your new home.

After that—congratulations! Your home is finished, and it is time to start living the dream. You now own a high-quality, secure, and personally customized home and have joined the growing millions of factory-built homeowners across the country.  

For more information on taking the next step, refer to the MHIA website, one of the most influential voices in the factory-built home industry for more than twenty-five years. We also invite you to contact any of our members directly, whether you have questions about financing a factory-built house, obtaining insurance, selecting a floor plan, or any other matter related to the home-buying process.

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