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How to Buy the Perfect Factory-Built Home

Factory-built homes are an excellent housing option for all potential homeowners, whether they are looking to buy their first home, to move-up or down-size, for something more modern and energy efficient, or a home for their retirement. This is because today’s factory-built homes are quality crafted structures that deliver better overall value and energy efficiency than site-built properties. If you are considering a factory-built home for your next residence, the many options you have for its location, floor plan, financing, and other considerations can make it difficult to know where to start. Let’s break it down.

There are two important steps to take when considering factory-built homes as a housing option:

1. Learn about the industry.

Before you decide to buy your factory-built home, you’ll need to gain insight on different housing types, choosing homeowners insurance, choosing a retailer, obtaining financing, hiring contractors and service providers, and getting the proper building permits and permissions. From there, you can make an informed decision about what type of home is right for you.

You’ll need to know the responsibilities of everyone involved in your home-buying process. For example, most manufactured homes are sold through retailers, and you may not be able to buy directly from the manufacturer. Typically, the retailer is often responsible for coordinating the delivery and installation, as well as being the contact for warranty service. It is important to know who you will be buying from and what services they offer once you decide to buy a factory-built home.   

2. Make the necessary decisions about your home.

Once you decide to buy a factory-built home, next you’ll have to make the necessary decisions that will turn your plans into reality. You’ll get to decide where to place the home, whether you want to buy or lease the land, who will build the home, and what floor plan will work best for you. The number of options may seem overwhelming; however, if you determine beforehand what features and amenities are important to you and your family, the decision process will be clear and smooth. 

For instance, you may prefer to live around neighbors in a community with social amenities like fitness and recreational facilities. In that case, the better option for you would be to lease the land for your home in a manufactured housing community. 

The process of learning about and buying a factory-built home is made easier with assistance from the Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona (MHIA). We are an organization founded to promote the best-built homes in America. Our members include builders of factory-built homes, community developers and owners, retail sales centers, financial institutions, contractors, suppliers, and others who can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions throughout the home-buying process. Our website will help connect you with one or more MHIA members who can help you get the high-quality home of your dreams built to your exact specifications at an affordable price.

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