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Get the Most for Your Housing Dollar:

Factory-Built Home Prices

Factory-built home prices are not too good to be true – they’re too good to pass up! Building a traditional home from the ground up is an incredibly expensive venture, but with a factory-built home you can have all the benefits and more of a brand-new home at just a fraction of the cost. In general, factory-built homes can cost half as much per square foot than a new site-built construction. According to the MHI (Manufactured Housing Institute), in 2016 the average consumer sales price for a new single-section manufactured home was about $46,700 and the average price of a new multi-section manufactured home was about $89,500. By choosing a factory-built home, you and your family can enjoy a spacious, brand new home, usually 25% larger than you might otherwise afford.

There are several benefits of factory-built homes that ultimately make them a more cost-effective choice than site-built homes:

Their construction environment prevents material loss – Factory built homes are constructed in a covered, controlled environment that’s thoroughly protected from bad weather, meaning no delays in construction and no material loss due to external factors that would ordinarily cause damage, such as rain or hail. Additionally, this environment enables the use of precise construction technologies and inventory controls that help to minimize material waste. These practices generally keep factory-built home prices lower than those for traditional homes.

They can be built with the same materials for less money – In terms of material quality, factory-built houses are made with the same building materials that are used in site-built homes. Building materials and household appliances are from the most solid names in the business, including G.E., Georgia Pacific, Owens-Corning, DuPont, Armstrong, Closet Maid and Westinghouse.  However, factory-built home builders are able to negotiate substantial savings on building materials because of the volume of homes they make. These savings get passed on directly to home buyers through reduced prices. We encourage you to compare prices for yourself. When shopping for your new home, you’ll see that the cost per square foot is significantly less than that of similar site-built homes. Discover how much more you hard-earned dollars can buy!

Manufactured homes are built efficiently – factory-built homes are built in a team environment using advanced building technology, quality building materials, and skilled labor that result in a more precise and better built home. Builders are trained and skilled in specific areas of construction, so every aspect of your home will be built with exceptional craftsmanship. What’s more, every step of the construction process is governed by a strict federal building code and closely monitored by third-party inspectors. In the last decade, manufacturing technology and materials have become state-of-the-art, and on-site foundation techniques meet or exceed the toughest manufactured home wind zone standards in the country.

In addition, ENERGY STAR requirements for factory-built homes affords the factory-built housing industry a unique opportunity to extend the advantages of controlled environment factory production to include exemplary energy performance. Each ENERGY STAR certified factory-built home is inspected during construction and on-site installation to verify it meets ENERGY STAR standards for energy efficiency. These standards allow your home to save you money on utilities like heating, cooling and water heating, all while being environmentally friendly. In addition, ENERGY STAR-certified homes feature improvements such as increased insulation that provide better protection against heat, cold, drafts and noise. 

When you connect with the Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona to learn more about pricing and how factory-built homes provide the best possible value for your dollar, you’ll discover that there are many additional benefits that factory-built houses have over site-built homes.

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