Tiny Home Alternatives

The Tiny Home craze is upon us. While they meet the specific needs of some, many who have shopped these homes have discovered they are expensive (as high as $300 per square foot) and indeed, tiny. They have also found it difficult to place the homes because of building code requirements. Most Tiny Homes are built to the same code as Recreational Vehicles, meaning most cities, towns and counties will not allow them as a permanent residence.

The Alternatives – Factory Built Homes: Modular Homes – built to the same building code as site-built homes (IRC) and Manufactured Homes – built to a stringent Federal Building Code. Both are a fraction of the square-foot cost of a Tiny Home, generally in the $70 – $80 per square foot range. They, because of building codes, can be more widely accepted by governing authorities.

Factory Built Homes are Quality Built and Energy Efficient. They are offered in a variety of sizes with virtually hundreds of floor plans to select from and can be custom ordered. Each customer selects both materials and colors for the interior and exterior of each home.

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