Chairman of the Board - Retailers Council Vice Chairman - Manufacturers Council

Jim Breen

Factory Expo Home Centers

Norman Ball

Cavco Industries, Inc.

Treasurer - Retailers Council Secretary - Suppliers Council

David Roe, Jr.

Clayton Homes #1005

Terry Gleeson

Gleeson Mobile Home Svc

Immediate Past Chairman - Lenders Council Manufacturers Council

Cody Pearce

Cascade Financial Services

Sam Baird

Clayton Buckeye

Phoenix Division Manufacturers Council

Kory Beickel

Credit Human FCU

Rick Boles

Champion Home Builders Inc

Retailers Council Southwest Division

Nick Taylor

Cavco Home Center - Tucson

Jan Esch

Blue Diamond Home & RV

Developers Council Contractors Council

Scott Roberts

Leisure Home Sales, LLC

David Stone

Stone & Son Transportation

Tucson Division Contractors Council

Scott Townsend

Western American Housing Corp

Joshua Wendt

W5 Construction

Northwest Division White Mountain Division

Shane Willson

Copperstate Services

Chris Foster

Clayton Homes of Snowflake.

President Operations

Ken Anderson

Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona

Kimberly Merrill

Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona