Housing Trends: What Baby Boomers Want in a Place to Live.

Downsizing: Many Baby Boomers spent their lives working hard and raising families and they are now looking to downsize to simplify their lives. Many are selling the old home and finding something more affordable and more appropriate for the current situation. By doing so they may be able to retain some of their equity for retirement.

To build a perfect home without getting a big mortgage, many are looking toward Factory Built Homes. These homes are cost effective, energy efficient and offer custom floor plans, as well as customer selection of all decorator items.

Convenience/Affordability: Many Boomers tend to want convenience, choosing to relocate to walk-able neighborhoods where grocery stores, pharmacies, coffee shops, and restaurants can be found just minutes away. For these Boomers, land lease communities (+55) are readily available in most cities. Here, a customer rents the location in a beautiful community with many amenities and purchase a new custom built Factory Built Home for less than $70 per square foot. The combined cost for the land lease and the home is typically a fraction of site built costs.

Others wanting to own their own land can work with one of our Retailers in virtually every Arizona market to locate desirable property to have their new home installed. Should financing be preferred, terms with low interest rates for various lengths are available for both the land and home.

Factory Built Homes come in two types – Modular Homes built to the same building code as site built homes and Manufactured Homes, built to a stringent Federal Building Code. Your Local Retailer can review these and many more available options with you.

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