Arizona Housing Association


Mission Statement: To increase home ownership opportunities in Arizona by focusing on customer satisfaction, zoning equality, and image improvement.

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About AHA: The Arizona Housing Association is an organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of the factory built housing industry in Arizona.


The Arizona Housing Association (AHA) not only serves the interests of our members in the Arizona factory built housing industry, but the interests of the prospective homebuyer as well. With a membership of over 100 individual businesses, the AHA has become a potent force in Arizona, respected by both the government and the private sector. What this means for the prospective homebuyer is lower costs, fewer restrictions, more options, less worries.


Whether you are a first time home buyer, exploring housing options for your upcoming retirement, or meeting the demands of a growing family, you will find that a factory built home is the perfect choice. Today’s factory built homes – manufactured or modular – provide you great style, exceptional value and cost 10 to 35 percent less to build than a comparably-sized, site-built home (excluding the cost of land).